Thredbo Blues Festival 2011

Thanks to all of these great artists who gave their time and effort to perform at the Churchill guitar was a great festival.
Thank you Andrew Ward for the great pictures

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  1. peter says:

    i’d just like to say i own four six string solidbodies and two cutaways + two twelve string guitars built by david i’ve played some guitars worth up to 3 times as much and i can honestly say davids are on a par if not better ie;ryan and taylor lksm signature 12 string my first guitar i bought from david was a solid 6 string 18 years ago i;ve never had any refretting or maintenance whatsoever these are the only guitars i;ve bought in that time apart from a beeton brass guitar which is equaly on par if not better than got nothing to gain from this i havn’t seen david for a few years i;m just giving my own assesment cheers david hope i see you soon for a beer and a chat pete

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